You knew it was coming. You saw my posts on Facebook and thought to yourself, groaning, another trip, another blog-to-be, yawn, as you scrolled quickly on to today’s “your ecards” cartoon. Or, in my alternate reality, you thought to yourself, in animated anticipation, oh goody gumdrops, another blog-to-be!

For those who thought the latter, congratulations, you were right! I do have a few thoughts to share about my first trip to Maine, aka Vacationland. Here are some of my main(e) musings:

1: Mainers. Apparently, this is the name they go by. A friend used this term, but I had heard Mainiacs as well. Whatever you call them, people in Maine are truly the nicest people! Granted, it was the beginning of the season, but the service people were super friendly and helpful. There were a lot of senior citizens there — not sure if they were tourists or locals or both — but they were not the grumpy kind. And that accent…how I do love an accent and the Boston/New England one ranks as one of my favorites. “Bah Hahbah,” “lobstah,” and anything the Kennedys have ever said ran through my head as I listened to the locals speak. We loved practicing our own version, but only my New Jerseyan hubby could do it worth a hoot. For some reason, my version had a little twang to it. 🙂

Lobster roll-ing with a strawberry-rhubarb margarita, Side Street Cafe, Bar Harbor, ME

2: Food! Lobstah, blueberries, and whoopie pies, oh my! Trying the food specialties of a new place is probably my favorite thing to do on a trip. Nowadays, it is too easy to eat the same foods (chain restaurants), listen to the same music (satellite radio), and have the same experiences that you do at home. I like regional flavor, though, and want to see what people like and do in other parts of the world.

Thank goodness for the Internet and Yelp, which helped us choose fantastic restaurants. We had many a lobster roll, as well as steamed lobster, shrimp, scallops, fish, and chowder. I have a weird texture thing with lobster, but I do think I like the lobster claw meat the best. It was the most tender. Of course we did not skip dessert, and had plenty of blueberry pie, blueberry crisp, even a blueberry martini, and the kids’ favorite…the whoopie pies.

Eden Village Cottage

3: The cottage. We stayed in Eden Village in a cottage that looked online like the quintessential Maine lodging, so I was terrified that it would be a nightmare offline. At $89/night, I decided to risk it. My risk paid off, and the cottage was even more precious in person. The grounds were beautifully kept, with a pond and playground on site. I highly recommend it.

Harbor seals, photo courtesy of Google