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July 2012

Backyard Garden (Photo Essay)

Japanese Eggplant Teenager


My Big Fat Boston Pickling Cuke


Go Okra, Go Okra, Go Okra…


Yard Art


“Black Prince”


“Mr. Stripey”




Rock Stars


Garden Mascot- he keeps away the gators and tigers




VBS Yard Art


Tread lightly upon our earth


As always, thanks for reading/viewing. I will leave you with a tune from Zac Brown’s new album; this video is Nic Cowan’s rendition. We saw Nic perform at Eddie’s Attic a while back. He wrote this song for ZB and is on ZB’s record label. Enjoy!

Day That I Die

Take care of yourselves and each other,




This post has been brought to you by Tom’s of Maine anti-perspirant and deodorant. Of course, they don’t know that, but I think it would be nice to select a sponsor for each blog post. I chose deodorant for obvious reasons if you live anywhere but Antarctica, but also because it is the hands-down best deodorant I have ever used. Living 30 minutes south of Atlanta gives a deodorant a ferocious test of its strength and Tom’s passes with flying colors. You simply do not smell. Don’t be afraid of its thickness when applying; it will absorb quickly. It is good for at least 24 hours. It is made with natural stuff. Tom’s: you will not smell. I think it would be a catchy new slogan.

In the Garden:

This summer has been a Red Solo Cup sort of summer for me, and I have loved it. Well, ok, maybe not quite like the video, but for a mom in her 40’s, it has been a fun one. And it did start with a karaoke party and in a sense, has pretty much been one big one ever since. I have gotten to see family and friends, my kids have stayed busy enough but not too busy that they can’t relax, and I’ve gotten some home improvement projects done. My favorite home project I’ve done is my garden. I moved it to my backyard and it is doing pretty well. I try to use organic techniques, so it’s challenging, but so far so good. My zucchini is my biggest disappointment; it started out with a bang but has recently pooped out. The cherry tomatoes are still the rock star of the garden. Eggplants are coming in, cukes are getting bigger, peppers are iffy, but the biggest surprise is the okra! The bugs got to the seedlings right away and I thought they were a loss. But lo and behold, they have held in there and are growing pods as we speak! Okra is the Steel Magnolia of my garden; no wonder we love eating it in the south. This heat has me worried for when I go to the beach for a week, though. I hope the garden will make it through the end of the summer.

In the Kitchen:

My other summer obsession has been my smoothie diet. Okay, I realize smoothies have been popular for years, but I am just now getting on the bandwagon. I have been reading Daniella Chace’s More Smoothies for Life, which has recipes and nutritional information. I decided to replace my lunches with a smoothie, as well as cutting out soda during the week. I had been feeling tired and fat so I decided to try a new way to energize myself. While reading this book, I realized I am often dehydrated. Dehydration makes us tired, feel hungry when we’re not, and can even affect our short-term memory and focus. What a revelation!

Here are a few nutritional facts about smoothie ingredients that I learned from the book:

1. Yogurt has protein, calcium, and good bacteria, and gives you energy.

2. Fruit has fiber, which helps us eliminate toxins from our bodies, and vitamin C for immune system support.

3. Cherries, fresh or frozen, help fight allergies and asthma. Yay, me!

4. Blueberries, coffee, and tea all have antioxidants which help protect us from environmental toxins.

These are all fairly simple facts, but the book goes into detail and there are many more ingredients that Chace discusses. Try the recipes and see what you think. Here is the first one I tried:

Breakfast Blend

1 c milk

1/2 c. orange juice

1 frozen peeled banana

1/4 c cottage cheese or yogurt

1 t honey

Blend all ingredients. Serves 1.

On the iPod:

Faves of Summer 2012-

Pontoon, Little Big Town- perfect lake song

Banjo, Rascal Flatts- perfect driving song

Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen- fun fun fun song even if it is teeny bopper

Good Feeling, Flo Rida- another good driving song

Good Girl, Carrie Underwood- you better get to gettin’ on your goodbye shoes

Somebody that I Used to Know, Gotye- anyone else hear Sting or the Police in this?

And of course, the party song that I can only listen to when the kids aren’t around because of the bad words: Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith

Red Solo Cup

Hope your Red Solo Cup has been your friend this summer!

Take care of yourselves and each other,











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