My kids are with their grandparents, and in my quiet, dreamy day, I remembered I had a blog! I’ve been working on our playlist for 2012 and thought it would make a fun topic to blab about. Through the year, I keep our purchases on a 2012 list, and at the end of the year, I check out various articles on the Best of 2012. Usually I look at NPR’s, Paste’s, NY Times or LA Times, the AJC, and maybe a random one here and there. Those lists usually have songs I have never heard of, but I do end up finding something new or something I’ve wanted to try.

We have 40 songs on the Andersons’ compilation of our favorite songs of 2012, which is too many to expect anyone to read, but here are my favorite 20:

1. Check it Out/ & Nicki Minaj

My nephew Liam introduced my kids to this one and I decided I liked Nicki Minaj after hearing it.

2. Good Feeling/Flo Rida

Only words I know are the chorus but who cares? A great driving song!

3. Domino/Jesse J

Reminds me of my friend Sue who played it on Lake Hartwell where we all were “feeling sexy and freeeeeeeeeEEEEE!”

4. Call Me Maybe/Carly Rae Jepsen

Loved it even more when I watched this:

5. Gangnam Style/Psy

My kids think they know the words and I love to hear them sing it. Also, I think we are the reason it is the most watched youtube video ever. We are pros at the dance by now.

6. Some Nights/fun.

Can’t stay still when it’s on. Yet, am still trying to figure why the period? And the lower case “f.”

7. Good Girl/Carrie Underwood

“You better get to gettin’ on your good-bye…shoes.” Best last word of a song ever.¬†Or at least in 2012.

10. Everybody Talks/Neon Trees

Another fantastic driving song. Can you tell I spend a LOT of time in the car??!!

11. What Makes You Beautiful/One Direction

You can not have a 7 y.o. girl in your house and not have at least one One Direction song. And you know you like it, too.

12. Lights/Ellie Goulding

I just like how I feel when I hear this one. Her voice makes me feel like I’m somewhere else.

13. Little Talks/Of Monsters and Men

OK, I looked this group up and thought it was Of Mice and Men, and, well, they are two very different groups! Good for head banging.

14.All I Need is Love/Ceelo Green featuring The Muppets

Come on, what a combo! Loved his Christmas album so very much!

15. The Walk/Mayer Hawthorne

This one sounds like my parents’ music that I grew up on, but modernized. Loved the video even more:

16. We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together/Taylor Swift

Good. For. Her. Keeps cranking out the breakup tunes and making the big bucks. How does she still get boyfriends?

17. Red Solo Cup/Toby Keith

Makes me think of my hub belting it out at a karaoke party. TK knows how to have fun making music.

18. Pontoon/Little Big Town

Life makes sense out on the pontoon.

19. Springsteen/Eric Church

This is where NJ and the south come together in one song. Like me and my hub. He loves this one and I do, too.

20. Here I Go Again/Whitesnake

Yep, you read that right. I introduced my kids to this song on my 80s playlist while we drove home from the beach. We were in terrible traffic in Eufala, AL, and I was so ready to get out of the car. I rolled my windows down, played my air guitar, and threw my hair around singing at the top of my lungs. Needless to say, my kids thought I had completely lost it (I had only partially lost it) and thought my meltdown was the funniest thing they’d ever seen. They still talk about it and love them some Whitesnake. Who knew Whitesnake had such lasting power? And, they love it without ever having seen Tawny Kitaen slither on the car!

So, that’s a wrap. Can’t believe I’m ending with Whitesnake, but there it is. I wish you all a happy 2013 filled with music, love, joy, and peace.



Full list disclosure:

1. Check It Out

2. Good Feeling

3. Domino

4. Call Me Maybe

5. Evacuate the Dancefloor

6. Gangnam Style

7. Some Nights

8. Banjo

9. Drive By

10. Good Girl

11. Glad You Came

12. Everybody Talks

13. What Makes You Beautiful

14. Brokenhearted/Karmin

15. Lights

16. Little Talks

17. All I Need is Love

18. Keep Marchin’/Rapael Saadiq

19. The Walk

20. Too Close/Alex Clare

21. We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together

22. Dark Side/Kelly Clarkson

23. Somethin’ Bout a Truck/Kip Moore

24. Here I Go Again

25. Red Solo Cup

26. Home/Phillip Phillips

27. Ho Hey/Lumineers

28. Better Dig Two/The Band Perry

29. Island Song/Zac Brown Band

30. I Won’t Give Up/Jason Mraz

31. Somebody That You Used to Know/Gotye

32. The Wind/Zac Brown Band

33. Beer Money/Kip Moore

34. The A Team/Ed Sheeran

35. Pontoon/Little Big Town

36. Shadow Days/John Mayer

37. Springsteen

38. Barefoot Blue Jean Night/Jake Owen

39. Hold On/Alabama Shakes

40. Imagine/Jack Johnson