Geezus, I just heard Brad Pitt turned 50 today. Is the world shifting, or is it me?

Woo, wow, it’s gonna take me a bit to handle that. I really would rather think of Legends of the Fall, or, obviously, Thelma and Louise, than the fact that he’s on the cover of AARP. Is that what he gets for his birthday? I think I will cope better with my own 50th than his.

Excuse the digression, but that is Breaking News. Don’t Cha think? (Pussycat Dolls spelling) Also, I am in a bad Christmas mood. Too much to do. Too much money. Too much bullshit.

However, I do always like to do an End of Year Playlist. Yet, this year, I deleted my 2013 playlist in err because my phone wouldn’t let me take a picture so I started frantically deleting shit. I am re-building my 2013 playlist just for you, so let’s see how it goes. I actually have gotten some positive feedback on these playlists…so, bear with me. Please message me if you want a CD. xoxo

Yellowdaisychick’s Best of 2013: Feel free to comment, unless you don’t like it.

1. Hold On — Alabama Shakes. Was this from this year? Not sure, but, well, I needed it this fall. It was my RingTone and helped me survive my fall semester as a “Middle-Aged College Student.”

2. You Ain’t Dolly — by Ashley Monroe. I love her voice! She’s the real deal. She’s not scared. Keep an eye on this one.

3. Boys ‘Round Here — Blake Shelton. Red red red red red red red red red Neck! Come on, it’s fun. It makes you sway, it makes you stomp your boots. It makes you smile when you hear the Piston Annies. Chew tobacco chew tobacco chew tobacco Spit!

4. Ooh La La — Britney Spears. If you know me well, you know my special relationship with Britney Spears. This one is dedicated to Jimmy Lomas. And Melissa Lefko. And Claire.

5. Lego House — Ed Sheeran — Love this dude. Go see him live. He can captivate an audience in Phillips Arena with just a guitar and his voice.

6. Cruise Remix feat. Nelly — Florida Georgia Line. Come on! Guess where I’ll be on New Year’s Eve? Wild Bill’s, feat. Fla Ga Line!

7. Wop — J. Dash. We were introduced to the Wop via Miley Cyrus. And, for the record, we can Wop better than she can.

8. Suit and Tie — J.T. Oh my. JT. Mmmm.

9. We Were Us — Keith Urban feat. Miranda Lambert. This song makes me happy when it comes on. I was a country songwriter in a past life.

10. Hard Out Here — Lily Allen. Girl Power song. Helps me run. Makes me want to punch a wall. Love love love her.

11. Royals — Lorde. So smart and so young. Can’t wait to see what she does.

12. That’s My Kind of Night — Luke Bryan. I’m late to the Luke Bryan party. His voice is kinda weird. But, this album works so far for me, and when the “Catfish dinner…winner winner..when I…” oh yeah, that’s my kind of night.

13. Blue in Green — Miles Davis. This is the kind of music I listen to when I write my papers. It relaxes and stimulates at the same time.

14. Blurred Lines — Robin Thicke feat T.I. and Pharrell. You are not a fun person if you don’t like this song. F you if you don’t.

15. Ave Maria — Stevie Wonder. Let’s not ever take Stevie for granted, ok? Sometimes we do. And we need to get over it, because this song is lovely and so is he.

16. Drop it Like It’s Hot — Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell Williams. Wow, Pharrell enters the YDCC Best of twice. What? This is a throwback, but Turbo brought it back into our lives this year, and I am not complaining. My 8 y.o. kills me when she sings this.

17. Get Lucky — Daft Punk — Stephen Colbert. Such a fantastic song. Who can’t dance or at least bob their head or at least tap a foot or at least twirl a bit when this song comes on? And Stephen Colbert took it to a new level when he did this:

Love to all of you, and to Stephen Colbert, my fellow Sandlapper, in 2014! Keep bobbing your head, tapping your feet, and twirling.

Take care of each other,