Boy, that title sounds awesome. Don’t get excited —  my Spring Break will mostly consist of closet cleaning, winter-clothes-packing, and household organization to the degree that I need to tackle all projects needing completion since August. Right, that’s all gonna happen. On the upside, I am going to drink some beer, get my hair cut and colored (haven’t been since Dec.), and I will get to see my BFF Melissa L.! Yippee! The weirdest thing about Spring Break in 2014 at the age of 43 is that they give you homework now over the break. WTH? Not real sure how real college students can go to Panama City, or Daytona, or all those crazy places kids go, with papers and reading hanging over their heads. Maybe I just didn’t realize I had assignments in the early 90s over Spring Break? As far as I’m concerned, though, I’m thrilled, because it gives me a week where my kids are occupied in school and I can get some shit done…of the afore-mentioned household variety, and also of the school variety. Definitely getting old. Spring Break means…getting shit done. Sigh.

Gluten light! (I’m old.)

I am entirely in love with all three of my classes. This semester was supposed to suck because usually I have 2 classes, but to finish, I needed to take three this time. But, as luck would have it, I am loving them all. The professors are top notch, the assignments are engaging, the reading/viewing material has all been incredible. Dare I say, I might actually, MISS this in the fall? I will miss some of this. I will miss class discussions. I will miss the intellectual stimulation. I will miss having THE BEST book clubs possible, albeit the most expensive and the least wine-soaked. I won’t miss some of this. I won’t miss the homework. I won’t miss sacrificing my evenings, weekends, and holidays. I won’t miss feeling preoccupied all of the time.

I’ve had many people ask me, “What’s next?” Great question. My best answer is, “a paycheck.” I hope to freelance, but until I find some gigs, I am pretty open to anything English degree-related, as long as it is flexible hours. So if you know of anything, feel free to send it my way. I have a really cool idea but it’s in the early stages and I will let you know when and if it begins to grow into anything substantial. 

April is gonna suck. Big time. That’s why I wanted to post this now, before I am too beat up and gnarly to post something a. coherent, and b. positive. The University of West Georgia is a fantastic institution, and I have been so impressed with the professors and my fellow English majors. Smart cookies, they all are! I have learned so much, not just the phenomenal materials I’ve been introduced to, but also how to use the brain God gave me. I thank Him for putting this oasis in my life and for improving my life for the better.

I have no idea what this is. But it fits, sort of.

I also feel grateful to the friends and family who have supported me — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually — throughout these three crazy years. You know who you are. My immediate family, my extended family, my friends from childhood, my local friends, my kids’ friends’  parents, my classmates…you are all amazing and I love you. (Only 1 glass of wine in and I’m already proclaiming love!) My degree should have all of your names on it, too.

I’m in the back, somewhere.

Enough of this sap. Guess it’s time to go find my thong bikini, my beer funnel, my suntan oil, my Sun-In, and my random hook-up. And by thong bikini, I mean sweats; by beer funnel, I mean wine bottle; by suntan oil, I mean Aveeno BB cream; by Sun-In, I mean salon; and by random hook-up, I mean my cute hub who will be home soon and gets the award for the most patient, most supportive, most tolerant hub an English major could hope for! 

Party on!

Take care of yourselves and each other,