Freakin’ Milk Duds

The canary box on the shelf
Whispers it’s siren call from above.
“Let’s do this, baby.
You know you want to.”
Movie or not,
Let’s do this.

The Duds are not at all duds.
They tumble, jumble out of the box
Into my hand, sticking together
Like a platoon going to battle.
The chocolate shell hits first,
Then the caramel-icious innards.

Sticky chewy caramelly gooey
Chocolatey sugary buttery creamy,
You seduce me with your lusciousness
And you love me with your silky mouth-bliss.
That sunny box smiles like George Clooney and beckons to me.
Hey girl, let’s do this.

Milky chocolate caramel planets of love, decadence, and joy:
Happy Halloween to me.