Dessert last night. Breakfast this morning. Sweet and salty, peanut buttery perfection. Healthiness from Cheerios with Ancient Grains, oats, coconut, dates (can’t taste ’em but makes ’em chewy), pistachios, peanut butter and honey. At a mere 149 filling calories, quite #CookingLightDiet worthy! Until this recipe, I did not know that Cheerios were available with Ancient Grains. Did you see the funny @TheOnion headline this week about them? “New OmniGrain Cheerios Made With Every Existing Grain On Earth.” Oh, how I love those Onioneers and their multigrain humor!
I got all Martha Stewart and wrapped them individually. Makes for a great grab ‘n go breakfast or snack, and even better, tie a bow and send some in to Vacation Bible School teachers to assuage your own guilt for not volunteering!