Yeehaw, I’m so pumped up! I have wanted a new logo for the longest time, and today I am happy to announce its arrival. As much as I loved the coffee cup, it wasn’t mine (aka stolen from the Internet) and I decided it was high time I had one of my own. Fortunately for me, my fabulously talented friend, Melissa Kotch of Half-Moon Designs, came up with the best one ever! Hope you guys like it:


I also have implemented a new look. I want to customize more features and have more photos for you to see, so this new look will help keep things fresh for y’all.

And while I’m here, just wanted to say a quick “Thanks” to each and every reader I’ve ever had. You all keep me going and inspired and motivated and for that, I am sincerely grateful. May your Thanksgiving holidays be peaceful, relaxing, and delicious!

Take care of yourselves and each other,

Yellow Daisy Chick