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March 2016

March Madness [Don’t Do Me Like That]

March. Seriously. May. Kill. Me.

Don’t do me like that. Baby, baby, baby…don’t do me like that.

I am indulging myself in a quick blog on this St. Patrick’s Day (Happy Green Beer Day, everyone!) I don’t have time for it. I should be doing a million other things right now. But I’m doing this. Because it might help me stay sane. As will some green beer later.


If you wonder why I don’t text you back, or why my yard looks like hell, or why I didn’t like your photo on Facebook, it’s because March 2016 is completely and utterly killing me. And I still have two weeks to go.

When 11:59 pm on March 31 arrives, here is a rundown of what I will have (hopefully) survived:

11 High School tennis matches

1 Magazine out of the oven

1 Magazine going into the oven

2 Out-of-town/weekend cheer competitions

1 Gazillion cheer practices

1 Family wedding

1 Hosting/working at youth group mission weekend

1 Daylight savings time (so…tired…)

1 Easter

1 Fifth grade play and a gazillion practices

And your list is probably worse. Or longer. Or more difficult. Just know that I am with you in deranged mind and worn-out spirit and that we will get through this. We can and we will.

I say this not to whine, but somewhat to whine. I say this not for a pity party, but maybe a small sympathetic shindig. I am full of gratitude for this life and my job and my family and their busy-ness. I’m glad my children are active. I know that someday I will miss this. But right now, I just need to wrap my brain around the fact that my laundry will probably stay unfolded in baskets and the dog hair will accumulate more than usual until March is out. Which by the way means A LOT because they are shedding. Add in the pollen, and well…March can kiss my grits.

This is one of those months when I feel like I am not doing anything particularly well. I am getting it done, and so far, DFCS doesn’t need to come and pick up my kids. But I don’t like to just “get it done.” I like to get it done well. I like to take some time. I like to think about it. I like to get on Pinterest every now and then. I like to listen to music and read books and cook something fun. I like having hobbies. But who has time for hobbies? Not this chick. And not many people I know.

So that’s a goal that I’m setting right this minute. April 1st will see me finding time for hobbies. Every weekend, I will spend some time on a hobby, housework be damned. If we don’t take that time to decompress, it’s gonna get real ugly up in here.

March: go ahead and do me like that.

April: you better be good to me.

Take care of yourselves!! And each other.


❤ YellowDaisyChick



Newnan-Coweta Magazine Rocks!

Super pumped about my first issue as editor of Newnan-Coweta Magazine! It takes a village…well, more like a whole county to make a magazine. From the interview subjects to the writers and photographers, to the sales and graphics staff, and beyond…it’s a major team effort.

Hope you enjoy! And can you handle the cuteness of this precious little boy on the cover?!

Click to view the March/April issue of Newnan-Coweta Magazine!




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