Happy Summer, y’all! I recently returned from a week at the beach and I have so much to discuss. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been at the beach for a WHOLE WEEK and I learned so many valuable lessons.

First of all, in case I haven’t mentioned this before, I am extremely good at vacationing. I mean, I have skills. I can relax with the best of ’em. It’s a shame I’m not filthy rich, because I would vacation at the beach every. damn. week.

I visited the Sunshine State and I really do love the ol’ Panhandle. We usually go somewhere between Panama City and Destin on 30A, and if you haven’t been there, go. The water is Caribbean-blue and clear, with mild waves (usually) and a low water-to-critter ratio (disclaimer: this is not research-based; it is a purely anecdotal observation). The sand is powdery white, the beaches not as wide as the Atlantic or as good to walk on but absolutely beautiful. It’s a happy place.

I am a beach girl, through and through. My mom passed that trait down to me, and I to my offspring. I know in my heart that the beach is my natural habitat.

Although I do enjoy relaxing on vacation, I also like to learn a few new things. Here are my Top 10 Things I Learned On My Summer Vacation:

1. We Are Not All Super Models and That Is Ok.

Look, it’s a relief, quite frankly. When you go the Florida Panhandle, you see a cross-section of America, and we all need to just face reality and say, “We are human beings, we’ve had children, we are not super models, and it’s ok.” I include myself in that observation, for the record. But hey, if you want to tattoo your entire body and go out on the beach in a string bikini, then go for it. If you want to wear a teensy weensy bikini / Speedo and you’re 70, then do it. Why hold back? It’s a free country, damn it. You do you.

2. Never Order Turkey Bacon on Vacation.

I think that one speaks for itself. But just to clarify: you’ll be so disappointed in it because it will never, ever measure up to real bacon. And you’re on vacation. So just order the real freaking bacon.

3. Enjoy Your People

I love my people. Every summer, the four of us go somewhere together and I love every minute. My oldest offspring will only be around for 3 more school years, so I am savoring each and every moment we all have together. They are truly my favorites and the ones I would most want to be with.

4. My People Are Fun

During the humdrum day-to-day, we might lose sight of how fun we can actually be. But darn it, we ARE fun! Give us a week away from work, school, chores, yard work, laundry, etc. and we will play hard. We really should do this more often.

5. I Like Mojitos

I am a wine and vodka girl, with the occasional light beer in the mix. So color me surprised when I ordered Great Southern Cafe‘s Cherry Mojito and it was incredible! I didn’t know I liked rum, but let it be said that I do think beach drinks taste exponentially better at the actual beach. It was so light and refreshing on a hot night…I’ll be ordering that one again.


5. I Love To Read

Ok, I already knew this, but who has the time or energy during the work week? It normally takes me months to get through a good book, since I only have time at night and am so tired by then, I only make it through a few pages. On vacay, I flew through The Husband’s Secret and started Ghettoside, and it was lovely. I was in my own little world and when I retire, I am just going to read all day long, every day.

6. I Like To Exercise

On vacation, I got up in the morning, had my hot tea and banana, and was ready to roll. Several mornings, I went out and walked or ran before hitting the beach. It’s pretty great to exercise with the Gulf of Mexico in view, so I posit that I would be more fit and healthy if I moved to the beach. It was hot as hell and I still got out there willingly. At home, if it’s over 80 degrees, I can easily wimp out. I think I should get a doctor’s note to move…

7. Eating Lunch In A Bathing Suit & Cover-Up Gives Me Life

If I owned a restaurant, it would be on the beach and only allow customers wearing cover-ups and flip-flops. From beach chair straight to restaurant chair, I didn’t have to worry about my beach hair or makeup-less face…the only thing I had to stress about is which fruity cocktail to order. I don’t really want to leave the beach ever, so to just stroll over to the tiki hut to order a sandwich and drink suits me just fine.

8. The Rebel Flag Is A BeachWear Trend

Wow. Just stop. Please. Where do they even order their confederate flag bikinis?  Rednecks R Us?

9. Tropical Storms Are Not That Big of A Deal When You’re There For a Week

Charlie who? Girl, bye. We had one day of rain and two days of rough water. I got some work done, my people frolicked around town, and we went to the pool to swim. No one was sweating that storm since we were there for a WHOLE WEEK anyway. Howevs, the waves were crazy strong for a while so, I also learned…

10. R-E-S-P-E-C-T Mother Nature

God love her, she is everything. I am so thankful for the beauty that God has given us to enjoy with our people. That beach, that water, that sky, that sunset (don’t know about the sunrise, never saw it)…mad respect for that gorgeousness and mad gratitude for these natural gifts we have been given. I don’t take it for granted and I get back there as often as I can.


What are you and your people doing this summer? What life lessons will you learn? Enjoy your summer vacations and may they be lasting memories for you and yours for years to come.

Take care of yourselves and each other,


Yellow Daisy Chick