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April: These Are My Jams

(This blog is brought to you by Chick Fil-A Tea/Half and Half and HGTV’s House Hunters, two of my jams.)

Happy Friday, y’all!

Last month, you heard me describe my first-world March Madness problems. I had 99 problems and a hobby wasn’t one. (Please excuse the whiteness of that sentence.)

I whined and opined and complained myself blind about not having any time. All I did in March was work, work, work, work, work. April, however, was going to be good to me.

And so far, it has been. No complaining today. I’ve found some time to remember that I like things. I like to do things. As my kids hate to hear me say, they are my jams. And here they are:

1. Hiking

If you’re feeling burnt out or stuck or down, get out in the woods. Go see some wildlife, find a waterfall, work some muscles. Breathe deep. The woods help me feel alive, as well as comfortably insignificant. Love. It.

Warwoman Dell, Clayton, GA

2. Essential Oils

I’m totally into making concoctions and have been making some lovely roller balls, room sprays, and diffusions. They make me feel better and I’ve even gotten my teenage son into them! (Like me, he uses them for asthma and allergies.) If you’re looking into getting started with them, I’ve got a guy. Actually, it’s my cousin Lauren, who has shown me everything. Click on her name if you’re in the market. They are so much better than a scented candle and they help my moods and my breathing better than anything else. Nothing removes pet and teenage odor better than these oils diffused in the room. (Don’t tell them I said that.)


3. Books

I love my book club and I’ve finally gotten to actually read some of the books we’ve picked.  I’ve finished March’s book, After You, and had already read our April choice All the Light You Cannot See so I read The Sound of Gravel. Whoa, what a story. A memoir by a woman who grew up in a dysfunctional polygamist family. And I can’t wait to start our May pick, Brooke Shields’ There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me. A bonus? Reading them all in real live book form. No iBooks. Real books are my jam.


4. The Americans

If you’re not watching this show, you’re missing out. OMG it is so stressful, but in the best way possible. Keri Russell is also my jam, ever since Felicity and Waitress. Russian spies, 80s cold war (not to mention the amazing fashions), politics, family drama, and sooooo much more.


5. Getting Control-Freaky on My Dresser Drawers

Yes, I did this. Yes, it’s OCD. But who wouldn’t love their clothes looking like this? It’s inner peace, it’s a small way to control my chaos, and it’s my jam.

This is not weird. At all.



6. Drugstore Makeup

I’ve been a fan of department store makeup for many, many years. And I do still use it for some things. But I haven’t been happy lately with some of my makeup purchases, so I checked out some drugstore options and found makeup bliss. Particularly, Almay Lip Butter (Fair) and Burt’s Bees Lip Shine in Smooch have made my spring. I like the ease of running in any corner drugstore and being able to find it.

7. Van Morrison

He’s always been my jam, but this month I finally get to see him perform live! Can. Not. Wait. Love his chill vibe and always brings me back to the old college days of listening to classic rock.

So there you have it. You may not have wanted it, but you got it. These are my jams.

What are yours? Let me know so I can add to my list!

Take care of yourselves and each other,


Yellow Daisy Chick

This Week’s News Chat

I Hear You, Universe, And I Am Not Doing Anything Else Today For Fear of Something Totally, Irreversibly, Bad Happening

Whoa, you know those weeks when nothing can go right and everything goes wrong? The ones where you keep going and keep pushing, and finally, so many crazy things happen, you finally just sit down and basically quit? Please tell me you know of this phenomenon so I don’t feel like the only one.

So far this week, I have dealt with too many bodily fluids. Sorry, if you’re eating, please come back and read later. First, there was doggy diarrhea. Then, there was blood from my other dog who got in a fight (she did not win.) Next, I had a stained glass window decoration (old and large and heavy) fall on my head while I was moving it. Yes, it did break, thanks for asking. Number 1 son is sick, as of today. And… I lost my credit card. It’s been a bang-up week. So I decided this afternoon to forego all plans and just sit. I paid my daughter $10 to skip her gymnastics class (I know, I know, #MOTY) but I was desperate and a bit foggy from the bump on my head, and couldn’t deal with her sad face. She’s saving up for a new iPod so she was totally fine with the deal. Mom- I’m fine but just needed to sit. down. Everyone else- thanks for listening.

The Americans

Why is no one else watching this show?! OMG, not a single friend of mind or FB friend has talked about watching this show. We have all Bravo shows down, but FX? No. Somebody, please talk to me about this show. It’s amazing and smart and tension-filled and set in the 80s and it has Keri Russell in it! And, trying to avoid spoilers in case someone is watching, but Paige! Pastor Tim, I think you’re done-zo. I worry about Henry and why he plays that football game with the FBI guy, what’s his name? The season finale left so many questions in my head, so please, hit me up if you’re watching. Also, on the FX note, I started watching Louie on Netflix. It’s good but depressing and funny. Kinda have to be in the mood for it. Anyone else watching?

Bruce Jenner

I need to publicly announce that I can not wait for this interview. I am not proud of that fact. I have read classic literature, I have written papers on important novels and social issues. I have a Master’s degree. I just need to be forthright and let everyone know in this public forum that Friday night, I will have a full glass of wine and will not answer my phone between 9 pm – 11 pm. It’s a very special 2-hr episode.

Something Non-TV Related

Earth Day was Wednesday! I love Earth Day. It’s an issue I believe we should all get behind, politics aside, and party it up for the Earth. I was not able to do anything substantial on Wednesday, but was going to plant my summer veggies on Saturday. Alas, the rain will return on Saturday, so looks like Sunday is planting day. I was disappointed that my kids’ schools did nothing, but our end-of-year testing is this week, so I guess they’re busy. Sad face. Testing sucks. Add that to my crappy week.

My 8th Grade Kid Is Reading The Outsiders

That’s it. But how cool? He gets to watch the movie, too. Sooooo excited for him. I loved it. Good memories there.

Dr. Oz

I don’t watch him but he has such a following. I guess he’s taking flack over his recommendations. My Kroger friend told me that they have to majorly stock up on any product he recommends. He’s huge. I hope he’s not a quack, not for myself so much as for others who follow him religiously. Did he start on Oprah?

First African-American Woman Confirmed as US Attorney General

Super cool. I love this stat. I honestly haven’t kept up with the politics and know there was some controversy, but I’m all for women killing it. So go, Ms. Loretta Lynch. Peace be with you. May you do your job honorably and nobly and honestly, and may little girls look up to you.

Girl on a Train

What my Book Club is reading. Unofficially. I love my Book Club babes. We had the BEST meeting the other night, and discussed the hell out of Me Before You. It was a great book for discussion, all family dynamics, and people with disabilities and the right (or not) to die, and women and…again, no spoilers, how they can get stuck in a thing until someone comes along and helps them get unstuck. I know that makes no sense if you haven’t read it, but I don’t want to ruin it if you want to read it. Which you should. It was a good story and a great discussion. And- are you a reader? Join or form a book club. It’s the greatest thing for a reader. Ever.

Southern Gravity

Have you checked out Kristian Bush’s new album Southern Gravity yet? It’s a lovely, countryfied album with a nice throwback to Sugarland. I feel like the Sugarland sound must have come from Bush; although I don’t want to diss JNet, because she is everything, too. They made a fabulous combo, but have now gone on to solo projects. That’s cool to me. They are evolving musically and that doesn’t always happen together, I would imagine. JNet’s solo project was good in a very different way from Sugarland. KB’s solo project evokes those old Sugarland emotions, which for me is a wonderful thing. If you are a country fan, you will love this album. Apparently, he wrote the album as a journey from song 1 to song 12; the album is a narrative about his life and his divorce and Sugarland’s “break.” It’s really a great album to listen to in the car, straight through. Hope you enjoy!

Breakfast: It’s What’s For Dinner

I think it’s time now to go cook some breakfast for dinner. We’re not going anywhere, lest an asteroid come from afar and obliterate my car, and it’s all I have in the fridge. Looking forward to some Oatmeal Pancakes a la #CookingLightDiet, some bacon, some eggs, some fresh pineapple. I hope you’ve all had better weeks and your relationship with the Universe is functional, and that you’ve had less bodily fluids to deal with than I have. Next week will be better. I just know it. The beach is in my next week, so it’s bound to be better.

Take care of yourselves and the Universe and the Earth and each other,


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