Greetings all,

I should've worked harder and become a professional badminton player like this chick. This was the move I was attempting...

This week, I have been laid up with a badminton injury. I know, I know, we’ve all been there. I’m proud to report that alcohol was NOT involved, just age and poor coordination. I’m still not exactly sure what happened; I was playing badminton with my son, trying to spend quality time with him while being active. I have always loved this game, because you really don’t have to move THAT much. It should be a great game for a 40-year-old. I think I stumbled and kicked my ankle, because during the game, I noticed a twinge when I walked and a large, colorful bruise. Am I already getting to the point where I bruise myself and don’t know how I did it? Anyway, to keep the swelling down, I propped it up for a couple of days and basically went nuts. Here is a list of the highlights of things I did while elevating said foot:

1. Deleted 775/779 emails, finding 4 that needed to be kept.

2. Facebooked.

3. Folded laundry. With foot elevated.

4. Snacked.

5. Watched “Strawberry Shortcake: The Movie” with daughter. Fondly remembered how good those dolls smelled back in the day. Got annoyed with Angel Cake and Lemon Meringue and their constant bickering. Could not bear to finish it and got busted by daughter for twittering.


6. Googled “ankle bruising” and self-diagnosed hematoma, fracture, and congestive heart failure.

7. Thought about blogging; got snack instead.

8. Googled “moonshine.” First of all, I learned that the term “moonshine” actually refers to homemade liquor, rather than a type of liquor. You can moonshine different liquor types. Second, I learned the specifics of the relationship between NASCAR and moonshine. The moonshiners made their cars so that they could outrun the regulators in car chases; that, my friends, was the beginning of NASCAR (paraphrased from Tried to google Georgia’s moonshine laws, but couldn’t find anything official. Love how we’re supposed to know all of our laws, and yet I can’t find them anywhere. I can easily find a Time magazine article from 1965 on moonshining, but can’t find current state law. I have heard that you can make up to 5 gallons of moonshine for personal consumption in Georgia; anyone know if that’s true?

So, now that I’m probably on a government watch list now, I am much better. The foot colors have changed from light blue to blue to red to purple. It doesn’t hurt anymore so I no longer have an excuse not to do the dishes. I think I have avoided the ICU, general  hospitalization, and so far, any and all doctors. I do have to go for a checkup tomorrow, so I’ll have him check my heart.

I hope you’re all having a lovely summer and staying as cool as possible. For a cold treat, try a frozen sweet tea: boil 2-3 c. water and steep 2 family sized tea bags for 5 minutes. Add 1/4 – 1/2 c. sugar and stir to dissolve. After the mixture has cooled, pour into blender, squeeze 1/2 lemon and fill with ice. Blend and enjoy! For an adult treat, try a Firefly sweet tea vodka tonic with a twist of lemon. So refreshing!

Take care of yourselves and each other,

Katie, aka yellowdaisychick