The NFL and Its Manly Men

The stories of abusive NFL players has become mind-boggling. Let us not become desensitized by the relentless stories that continue to come to light. Let us, instead, be horrified and furious and disgusted by these stories. And let us not be distracted by their physical talent, fame, or fortune. When I see the video of the punch, or the photos of the switch injuries, I realize that if the accused were a random Joe Schmo, the reactions-at-large would be much less restrained. People would be furious and all too ready to lock up ol’ Joe. But, when football gods and money are involved…well, let’s just all calm down and realize that they were raised this way, or their religion supports it, or the victim provoked him, or the wife supports him so why should we be concerned, or it was just a little domestic spat, or this is how men learn how to be men. Give me a break…didn’t we all learn in preschool not to hit a girl or a kid? Guess not. If the burly, brawny men of the NFL can’t protect women and children, then we’re in deep trouble.

My suggestion for the NFL/NBA/etc.: require a college degree to be a professional athlete. Will that end violence as we know it? No, but I believe it would help educate those who still believe it’s acceptable, since they missed that lesson in preschool. Also, it’s a back-up plan for the young men, especially if they get hurt or are otherwise unable to continue. Goodell, give me a call. I’ll be happy to be on your lady panel.

The Roosevelts

Aaah, PBS has chosen such an interesting topic for history and political buffs. Ken Burns is known for his quality work. But 7 nights? In a row? 2 hours each night? That is a serious commitment for those of us who can barely make it through an entire sitcom. I have enjoyed what I have watched so far and hope I can finish it, but it’s hard to use that kind of mental energy after 9 pm.

Some of the old video footage is amazing. His research provides a new perspective on these famous leaders. Burns made an interesting comment in his interview on The Daily Show: that neither Roosevelt would be elected in modern times because they were flawed. He posits that we expect our leaders to be perfect, almost robot-like, and to know exactly how to be President and First Lady all the time. All three Roosevelts, as all humans do, were dealing with adversity throughout their lives, which informed their jobs in the limelight. That adversity helped them to make far reaching, bold decisions. We know that life works just that way…so why don’t we allow our leaders to live that way?

Now, on to lighter fare: 

This Week’s Yellow Daisy Chick Chattys!

The coveted Yellow Daisy   Chick Chatty award

 1. The Company Most Trying to Screw With Us: Apple.

Thanks for the iOS 8 Update that I’ll never get because my storage is full.

clipart0136   goes to    og

2. Pandora Persona I Most Emulated (this week) While Running: 

Tie between Zac Brown, Beyonce, and Brittany Spears.

I imagine this award will be the highlight of their careers.

clipart0136 goes to Zac-Brown-Rick-Diamond

and Beyonce-Standard-007

and  Work_Bitch_Britney_Spears_Ernesth_Garc_a_21

3.  Most Insane Marketing Technique: All Things Pumpkin.

It’s still hot and humid in Georgia. Take your pumpkin elsewhere.

clipart0136 goes to  pumpkin_spice_food_products-545x363

4. Most Brilliant Marketing Technique: Reese’s Pumpkins.

I love you, Reese’s Pumpkins. Always and Forever. xoxo

      clipart0136  goes to 6247955459_6b2564827a_z

5. Best New Website:

See what I did there?

It is a newly birthed resource for athletes with asthma and their families. I birthed it.

Do refer any and everyone who might find it useful.

clipart0136 goes to 

Enjoy your weekend! I’d love to hear from you!

Take care of yourselves and each other,


love what you do