Sunday steak dinner collides with #MeatlessMonday! I used strip steak because it was cheaper, but there was no skimping on taste. The steaks only had salt and pepper and were cooked in cooking spray in an iron skillet. The beans were all onioned-up with some garlic and balsamic. (I swear the steak is under there somewhere!)
This was my #MeatlessMonday plate. I had to have a bite of steak, though! (I ended up having a few more.) The salad was a Giada recipe and honestly, anything would taste amazing with crispy proscuitto crumbled on top! And the mashed potatoes — I used plain, fat-free Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and no one knew. Ignorance is bliss, I say!
After dinner snack making. And wine drinking. 🙂 Homemade trail mix (Cheerios with Ancient Grains, nut mix, dark chocolate blueberries, pepitas, and Greek yogurt covered cherries,) corn flake treats, and Crunchy Chickpeas a la Cooking Light Diet. The hub and the kids love a good homemade snack. If you bag ’em up, they are more likely to grab it. The chickpeas, though…WAY too much work for me. I don’t do this every week, and usually a Sunday is better to do it, but I was feeling it yesterday. I’m glad I was because it made for a better today!